Eric Anholt (anholt) wrote,
Eric Anholt

This week in vc4 2017-03-20: HDMI Audio, ARM CLCD, glamor

The biggest news this week is that I've landed the VC4 HDMI audio driver from Boris in drm-misc-next.  The alsa-lib maintainers took the patch today for the automatic configuration file, so now we just need to get that backported to various distributions and we'll have native HDMI audio in 4.12.

My main project, though, was cleaning up the old ARM CLCD controller driver.  I've cut the driver from 3500 lines of code to 1000, and successfully tested it with VC4 doing dmabuf sharing to it.  It was surprising how easy the dmabuf part actually was, once I had display working.

Still to do for display on this platform is to get CLCD merged, get my kmscube patches merged (letting you do kmscube on a separate display vs gpu platform), and clean up my xserver patches.  The xserver changes are to let you have a 3D GPU with no display connectors as the protocol screen and the display controller as its sink.  We had infrastructure for most of this for doing PRIME in laptops, except that laptop GPUs all have some display connectors, even if they're not actually connected to anything.

I also had a little time to look into glamor bugs.  I found a little one-liner to fix dashed lines (think selection rectangles in the GIMP), and debugged a report of how zero-width lines are broken.  I'm afraid for VC4 we're going to need to disable X's zero-width line acceleration.  VC4 hardware doesn't implement the diamond-exit rule, and actually has some workarounds in it for the way people naively *try* to draw lines in GL that thoroughly breaks X11.

In non-vc4 news, the SDHOST driver is now merged upstream, so it should be in 4.12.  It won't quite be enabled in 4.12, due to the absurd merge policies of the arm-soc world, but at least the Fedora and Debian kernel maintainers should have a much easier time with Pi3 support at that point.
Tags: vc4

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