Eric Anholt (anholt) wrote,
Eric Anholt

X with glamor on vc4

Today I finally got X up on my vc4 driver using glamor.  As you can see, there are a bunch of visual issues, and what you can't see is that after a few frames of those gears the hardware locked up and didn't come back.  It's still major progress.
2014-08-21 16.16.37
The code can be found in my vc4 branch of mesa and linux-2.6, and the glamor branch of my xf86-video-modesetting.  I think the driver's at the point now that someone else could potentially participate.  I've intentionally left a bunch of easy problems -- things like supporting the SCS, DST, DPH, and XPD opcodes, for which we have piglit tests (in glean) and are just a matter of translating the math from TGSI's vec4 instruction set (documented in tgsi.rst) to the scalar QIR opcodes.

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