Eric Anholt (anholt) wrote,
Eric Anholt

Things have been pretty quiet on the intel graphics driver front for a while. After all the churn of FBOs, GEM, DRI2, and KMS, we've been settling down to seriously stabilizing the driver. Things are looking pretty good -- KMS is now suspending/resuming, resizing framebuffers, supporting rotation, and generally looking relatively correct on the machines we're testing on. A number of DRI2 performance regressions are fixed. We've fixed some tricky little bugs in GEM cache handling. Big thanks goes out to the RH guys (airlied and krh) for pushing so hard on this code and fixing a bunch of the sharp edges instead of just filing bugs, and to ickle for reviewing and fixing piles of error path problems in the DRM. I love working with this community.

We're now ramping up for the Q1 release, which means we're switching from what has been nearly 100% time on bug and regression fixing to 100% bug and regression fixing. I just pushed out xf86-video-intel 2.6.2 to get some of our stable fixes into the world so people have a better base for testing KMS. By the end of March we should have a new release out with current 2D, a new Mesa tarball with the latest fixes since 7.4, and hopefully a kernel 2.6.29 with KMS.

In my spare time I've been working on a GL backend for cairo. My assertion for some time has been that anything we're doing with accelerating Render, we could do with less developer time and faster runtime with GL. It took about 2 weeks of me flailing around learning how to do GL, and I got cairogears up and running at about 4 times the speed of Render, on various 965s.

The code's still pretty rough -- it doesn't check for extensions it needs, relies on NPOT textures when it could use rectangular textures, doesn't do shaders for gradients, etc. But actually most of the time on the code has been spent fixing our 3D driver. There were some texture upload issues, BO cache explosion issues, drawpixels issues, DRI2 viewport overhead issues, and my current one is that the latest commit in cairo-gl ends up hanging both 915s and 965s after a while in cairogears.

I'm hoping some other people interested in this stuff might feel like picking it up and playing with it. It's not terribly complicated code, I don't think, there are other backends to compare to, and cairo's test suite is wonderful for validating what you're trying out. The code is in:

git:// on the gl branch
git:// on the gl branch
Tags: moblin

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