Eric Anholt (anholt) wrote,
Eric Anholt


I've been enjoying the snowpocalypse. The first few days were pretty fun, as with an inch or two you could bike quite well in it, yet the streets were almost empty of cars. Except for crazies who insist on passing you under any circumstance, and with minimal room to spare. Still, mostly of the time it was good, and people got a kick out of me on the brompton in the snow. Some hippies stopped, got out of their car, and asked to take a picture of me to "document their day". Sure, no problem. Then they asked if I was carrying a piece, and I was amused to find that despite selling out I can be mistaken for the kind of person who would smoke a bowl with strangers in broad daylight.

Biking in the snow.
Scaled down picture so you can't tell that my camera is angry about the soaking it got this summer/.

By Sunday morning, though, biking was pretty much out. 3" of snow or so was more than I could successfully plow through, so walking and biking were about tied in the mile or so I did getting home, and the walking was a lot less comical. So I've been walking and taking the bus/MAX since. Everybody I know is stir-crazy, frustrated by the snow, and yet I think I've been out of the house more than I usually am.

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