Eric Anholt (anholt) wrote,
Eric Anholt

excitement in X land

A couple of major milestones this week:

- DRI2 merged to intel master and server-1.6-branch.
We'll have DRI2 in this server release, seriously. We don't have DRI2 vblank-synced swaps going, but we should be able to make Mesa do its old path (wait for vblank, then ask DRM (now the xserver) to do the swap) and have people mostly happy with that. I just ran xcompmgr -c and glxgears at the same time and it was everything I thought it could be.

- DRM modesetting merged to drm-intel-next.
That means we're planning on having this working, seriously, for 2.6.29. It's ready to test today if you've got a lucky platform, with sudo modprobe i915 modeset=1, then using drmtest from the modesetting-gem branch of libdrm, or libdrm from that branch plus xf86-video-intel built against it. I hear the 2D driver needs a bit of love again after recent shakeups, but that may be unfounded rumor.

I'm doing my best to dogfood the whole mess on my development system, as we're planning on having DRI2 and GEM stable for release this month. I've got some misrendering with UXA, though things are much better today than before (Thanks Pierre Willenbrock!). 965 3D's in pretty good shape since my last fix, and I've been using it most days to play Eschalon. We've still got IRQ issues on GM965, though, as long as it's not my GM965. Plenty to keep us busy this month.
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