Eric Anholt (anholt) wrote,
Eric Anholt

moving to

I've finally got my kernel tree up on It took a couple of weeks to get an account, then a couple of weeks to find the time to worry about it.;a=shortlog;h=drm-intel-next
git clone git://

This should be the place where all of our future "ready for upstream" work goes. So, for example, if you're looking to test GEM, grab these branches:

kernel: drm-intel-next
libdrm: master
xf86-video-intel: master
mesa: master

If you're looking to test dri2, it's a little more work. Grab these:
kernel: drm-intel-next
libdrm: master
dri2proto: master
xserver: master (then edit hw/xfree86/ to uncomment dri2)
xf86-video-intel: dri2
mesa: master
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